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T2 Software Services specializes in serving the accomplished information technology professional with over five years experience in the IT industry.  We are looking for the brightest stars with a passion for solving technical problems.  Our Clients engage us to locate the most talented individuals with current skills for positions including Developer, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Database Administrator, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Security Architect, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Web Developer and many other technical roles.

Talented IT professionals choose T2 Software Services for a variety a reasons including:

  • Challenge - Our Consultants work primarily at the Client site.  Each Client's business objectives are unique and our Consultants play key roles in developing and enhancing systems to meet these objectives.

  • Professional Relationship - Our Consultants are highly technical and exceptionally well qualified.  There is satisfaction in working with other individuals in the Information Technology field who are bright, ambitious, and knowledgeable.

  • Support - Our Consultants are supported by a management team that consists of individuals who each started their careers as IT Consultants.  They understand the viewpoints of the Consultants, the intricacies of consulting, and are there to provide whatever support our Consultants need.

  • Pay Philosophy - Our Compensation philosophy is to exceed the market with regard to hourly compensation.  Because we do not carry the burdensome overhead and restrictive salary structures typical in larger organizations, we can afford to offer dynamic compensation packages to talented people.

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